Energy and climate planning to 2050 Phase 4 framework: collaborative planning and global co-operation to engineer a better future

Future Climate-Engineering Solutions is a global engineering alliance working together with national governments to develop, share and implement best practice in national climate plans and energy systems.

FC-ES is building a network across engineering institutions, governments and organisations that are actively involved in climate change mitigation. Within this network, engineers come together to support each other to develop national energy and climate plans that meet the UN National Development Commitments, using engineering solutions that are proven and demonstrable. These plans enable the dialogue around options to happen within a context of realism and pragmatism, ensuring that the policies translate into activities that can achieve their goal.

The project launched in 2008 with eleven countries developing country specific plans of their engineering pathways. The project was repeated in 2011 with countries updating or developing pathways relevant to them and for a third time in 2013.

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