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Inspiring, preparing and supporting tomorrow’s engineers is vital if we are to respond to society’s challenges.

Raising the profile of engineering and engineering careers will encourage young people to consider entering the profession at graduate and technician level. All young people need a good grounding in engineering to face an increasingly technological future with confidence.

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reports and policy statements

  • Stay or go. The experience of female engineers in early career

    Engineering can no longer afford to remain a sector in which women who join the profession are expected to change their personality in order to 'fit in' - Peter Finegold, Head of Education and Skills, Policy Research

  • Apprenticeships in the Education and Skills Landscapes of England

    This paper summarises the key features of recent Government initiatives which impact engineering education and skills in England.

  • Engineering a future outside the EU: securing the best outcome for the UK

    This report hails the government’s renewed focus on industrial strategy as a major opportunity to help the UK compete on the world stage, but warns that Brexit must not restrict access to engineering skills from across Europe.

  • Big Ideas: The future of engineering in schools

    Our report calls for a major rethink about the role of schools and colleges in promoting widespread engineering literacy.

  • Leading the Change

    In our guide Leading the Change, we set out our comprehensive approach to addressing the engineering skills gap and inspiring the next generation of engineers.

  • Social Mobility and the Engineering Profession

    In this policy statement we look at how we can ensure that engineering continues to present opportunities for talented people from all backgrounds and social classes.

  • Five Tribes: Personalising Engineering Education

    In this report we describe a survey of values and beliefs, attitudes and preferences of a representative sample of 1,500 UK citizens aged 11 to 19.

  • Engineering Skills for the UK Industrial Strategy

    In this policy statement we look at what action can be taken to double the level of interest in STEM careers within the UK population, and how we can start to close the gap between vision and reality.

  • Higher Education Tuition Fees

    In this policy statement we examine the impact of major changes to the higher education (HE) funding system in England to be implemented from September 2012, including increases in university fees.

  • Meeting the Challenge: Demand and Supply of Engineers in the UK

    In this report we outline evidence regarding current shortages of graduate engineers, highlighting the challenge of forecasting numerical demand for graduate engineers in the UK.

  • Science in Schools

    If we are to meet the needs of our economy then we must maintain the supply of science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM)-qualified graduates.

  • When Stem? A Question of Age

    In this report we provide some background data on the UK education system and analyse research data and informed expert opinion, draw conclusions and make recommendations.

  • UK Skills: Apprenticeships

    This policy statement looks at how apprenticeships are essential to our economy as a prime source of raising intermediate skills in craft, technician and associate professional occupations.

Comment and analysis

Peter Finegold

Education policy spokesperson

Peter leads our education activity to support STEM skills infrastructure and inspire the next generation of engineers.

An education policy thought leader, he develops our strategic policies and campaigns to promote effective formal and informal learning initiatives.

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