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Notice of Ordinary Meeting 17 March 2021: Trustee Board and Council Elections

Colin Brown, Chief Executive

In compliance with the By-laws, the Trustee Board at the Ordinary Meeting on 17 March 2021 will present a list of Corporate Members nominated for election as follows:

Trustee Board Elections  

Position: President-Elect (One vacancy)
Raymond Hodgkinson
Phil Peel

Position: Vice-President (One vacancy)
Simon Edwards
Simon Evans
Giles Hartill

Position: Ordinary Members (One vacancy)
Nominations: Michael Allen

Any Corporate Member may add to this list a candidate or candidates eligible for election. Each nomination form must be signed by them and at least 11 other Corporate Members as nominators, together with the written consent of the nominee. (Reference By-law 64.2).

Nomination forms and further details regarding the procedure for the Trustee Board or Council Elections are available from: Joan Gibbins, Corporate Governance & Risk Department.

Tel: 44 (0)20 7973 1311


Council Elections

Corporate Members who are interested in standing as Ordinary Members of Council should also contact Joan Gibbins as above. Any Corporate Member can nominate a candidate for election as an Ordinary Member. Each nomination shall be signed by the nominee and two other Corporate Members.

The Trustee Board is responsible for the governance and leadership of the Institution. The Council is responsible for recommending strategy for the Institution and representing the views of the membership. Further details are available at:

Dr Colin Brown
Chief Executive
Registered Address: One Birdcage Walk, London SW1H 9JJ, UK.
Charity No. 206882


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