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What, when, where
What, when, where

Following the presentation at Learn to Win 2021, the three scenarios for the FS2021 competition are as follows.

All teams looking to compete in the FS2021 competition are urged to download the full presentation notes from the Forms and Documents page. If you have any questions or require further clarity please feel free to email us at

Designed to mitigate the effect of possible COVID restrictions both in the UK and abroad, an overview of the three scenarios are as follows:

Scenario A

  • Static event ‘heats’ held virtually
  • Live event in July for teams with a vehicle capable of running plus static event finalists*
  • Registered teams not participating in the live event will be invited to attend as spectators (numbers may be restricted)

Scenario B

  • Business Plan Presentation plus FS-AI static events held entirely virtually
  • Design and Cost ‘heats’ held virtually*
  • Live event in July for teams with a vehicle capable of running plus Cost and Design event finalists
  • No or very limited number of spectators

* Finalists will have the option to participate via online platform if travel is restricted or if team does not wish to travel.

Scenario C

  • Entirely virtual event
  • FS and Concept Class teams compete as one class in static events
  • Lap Time Simulation (LTS) deadline would be extended and assessed for both FS and Concept Class
  • Sim Racing event for all competition classes
  • FS-AI teams continue to compete as separate ADS and DDT classes in static events

Full details on all three scenarios, including further clarity on Class 1, Concept Class and FS-AI teams and specific times when the scenarios will be decided, are in the PDF document available on the Forms and Documents page.


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