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Formula Student


Forms and documents

Here you will find all forms and documents that must be completed for entry to Formula Student.

Completion of all forms are mandatory (depending on your class and fuel type) and failure to submit them may cause a deduction of points or disqualification from the competition.

Deadlines for all document submissions for the competition are available on the Key Dates page, in line with the Rules for the current year of the competition.

Static Events Documents

FS2023 Design Concept Specification - last updated 12/10/2022

FS2023 FS-AI Design Concept Specification - last updated 10/11/2022

FS2023 Business Plan Presentation Special Condition - last updated 30/11/2022

FS2023 DCS submission guidance - last updated 07/12/2022

FS2023 Design Judging score sheet - last updated 02/03/2023

FS2023 IC Design Spec sheet - last updated 17/04/2023

FS2023 EV Design Spec sheet - last updated 17/04/2023

FS2023 Hybrid Design Spec sheet - last updated 17/04/2023

FS2022 Archived documentation (reference only) - last updated 31/08/2022 

Dynamic Events Documents

Team Management / Administrative Documents

FS2023 Design Concept Specification - last updated 12/10/2022

FS2023 FS-AI Design Concept Specification - last updated 10/11/2022

Technical Documents

FS2023 SES Structural Equivalency Spreadsheet - last updated 06/02/2023

FS2023 ESA ESO Form - last updated 18/01/2023

FS2023 Electrical System Form Template - last updated 18/01/2023

FS2023 IAS report Template - last updated 22/02/2023

FS2023 Energy Meter Specification v1.1 - last updated 26/05/2023

FS2023 VSR Template - last updated 03/05/2023

FS2022 Archived Documentation (Reference Only) - last updated 31/08/2022

FS-AI Documents

FS2023 FS-AI Design Concept Specification - last updated 10/11/2022

FS2023 FS-AI ASR Form - last updated 13/01/2023

FS-AI ADS-DV Vehicle Loan Requirements - last updated 18/01/2023

FS-AI System Status Report - last updated 19/05/2023

FS-AI Technical Information

FS-AI ADS-DV CAD - Contains the CAD data for the IMechE FS-AI ADS-DV for participating teams to incorporate their sensor installations into.

FS-AI Compute - Contains information for the IMechE FS-AI ADS-DV relating to the compute and sensing hardware on the shared vehicles.

FS-AI API - Contains the source code for the software API to interface to the IMechE FS-AI ADS-DV using Linux SocketCAN.

ADS-DV AI VCU AI Interface 2021 v1last updated 29/04/2021

ADS-DV Software Interface Specification v4 - last updated 14/04/2023

FS-AI Dynamic Events Setup and Cones Specification - last updated 29/04/2021

FS-AI Remote Emergency Stop - last updated 29/04/2021

ADS-DV Vehicle Specification - last updated 07/11/2018

Making A Car Drive Itself - How to Prepare for FS-AI
Ignat Georgiev and Oliver Day (EUFS)

EUFS AI Simulatorlast updated 24/11/2021

FS-AI Archived Documentation

ADS-DV AI Interface - Electrical - last updated 07/11/2018

ADS-DV_Uni Team Livery Guide - last updated 07/11/2018

ADS-DV Dimensions and Locations - last updated 07/11/2018

Financial Awards Guidance

FS2022 Financial Awards Guidance - last updated 2/11/2021


Craig Dawson Award

FS2023 Craig Dawson Most Valuable Teammate application form last updated 26/04/2022

Faculty Advisor Award

FS2023 Faculty Advisor nomination form last updated 26/04/2022

Sim Racing Series

FS2023 Sim Racing Series Entry Form - Last updated 17/10/2022

FS2023 Sim Racing Series Regulations - Last updated 17/10/2022

Lap Time Simulation

LTS poster - last updated 20/04/2022

Guidance Documents

How to pass the Brake test - last updated 31/08/2022
FS2023 Registration Procedure - last updated 12/10/2022
FS2023 Design Concept Specification Guidance - last updated 12/10/2022
FS2023 Learn to Win 2023 Cost Tool Presentation - last updated 09/11/2022
FS2023 DCS submission guidance - last updated 07/12/2022
FS2023 Visa guidance - last updated 02/02/2023
FS2023 Cost & Manufacturing Guidance - last updated 13/02/2023
FS2023 Shipping Guidance - last updated 29/03/2023


An archive of all documentation for the FS2021 event is available here for reference only. You should always use the latest version of the competition documentation.

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