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Forms and documents

Here you will find all forms and documents that must be completed for entry to Formula Student.

Completion of all forms are mandatory (depending on your class and fuel type) and failure to submit them may cause a deduction of points or disqualification from the competition.

Deadlines for all document submissions for the competition are available on the Key Dates page, in line with the Rules for the current year of the competition.

An archive of all documentation from FS2020 can be downloaded here for reference only.

Static Events Documents

FS2021 Design Guidance for Students - last updated 28/10/2020

Team Management / Administrative Documents

Documents for FS2021 coming soon

Technical Documents

Documents for FS2021 coming soon

EV Only documents

Documents for FS2021 coming soon

FS-AI Documents

FS2020 Github for FS2020 - updated 09/03/2020

ADS-DV Technical Specs
ADS-DV AI VCU AI Interface v2 
last updated 21/05/2019

ADS-DV Software Interface Specification v2 last updated 21/05/2019

ADS-DV AI Interface - Electrical last updated 07/11/2018

ADS-DV Dimensions and Locations last updated 07/11/2018

ADS-DV Software Interface Specification last updated 07/11/2018

ADS-DV Vehicle Specification last updated 07/11/2018

ADS-DV_Uni Team Livery Guide last updated 07/11/2018

Making A Car Drive Itself - How to Prepare for FS-AI
Ignat Georgiev and Oliver Day (EUFS)

FS-AI Dynamic Events Setup and Cones Specification last updated 07/03/2019

FS2020 ASR Form last updated 29/01/2020

Craig Dawson Award

Faculty Advisor Award

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