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Whether you are a new team or are experienced in the competition, being familiar with the rules is essential to success at Formula Student 2020.

Rules for Formula Student 2020 will be released at Learn to Win 2020 and teams attending will be able to get clarification on any aspects of the new rules during the event. The rules will then go on general release to all teams around a week after Learn to Win 2020.

FS2019 Class 1 Rules - last updated 12/11/2018

FS2019 Class 1 UK Supplementary Rules - last updated 12/11/2018

FS2019 Class 2 Rules - last updated 12/11/2018

FS2019 FS-AI Rules - last updated 12/11/2018



All rules questions need to be submitted via the FS Question Database. Before submitting a question, browse the previously asked questions section to ensure your query hasn't already been answered. You may also want to check the Formula SAE Rules forum and FSAE FAQs.

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