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Whether you are a new team or are experienced in the competition, being familiar with the rules is essential to success at Formula Student.

FS2024 Rules v1.2 - last updated 24/05/2024

Judges' note: v.12 has no rule changes that will fundamentally change the design of the cars for this year; this is clarifications and a number of changes around event running (eg driver penalty procedures).
FS2024 LTS ruleset - last updated 11/04/2024
FS2024 AI rules Rules v1.1 - last updated 18/03/2024


All rules questions need to be submitted via the FS Question Database.

Previous rules (reference only)

FS2023 Rules - last updated 31/03/2023
FS2023 FS-AI Rules - last updated 4/04/2023

FS2022 Formula Student UK Rules - last updated 18/05/2022

FS2022 FS-AI Rules - last updated 30/03/2022

Any questions on the rules please submit via FSQD

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