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FS Volunteer Interview: Puja Hazelhurst

Formula Student Team

Puja Kapoor
Puja Kapoor

In our latest interview, we hear from previous FS competitor and long time volunteer Puja Hazelhurst.

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What's your history in relation to Formula Student, what area of the competition are you involved in and how long have you been involved?

PH: I participated in Formula Student as soon as I started university. I was involved in all aspects on the car over the years, leading the team to the competition in my final year. I got so much out of the competition personally, the natural step was to come back as a judge which I have been doing since 2011 - some design but mostly business presentation.

What is your motivation for your involvement in FS?

PH: I keep coming back because I love to meet our future generation of Engineers and see their exciting and innovative ideas.

What's the best thing about being involved with FS?

PH: Personally it keeps me in touch with technology outside my own industry; not just through the cars that come to the competition, but also through my fellow judges. There is always something new to learn!

What advice would you give to someone considering being involved in your area?

PH: If you're on the fence, just have a go. You have nothing to lose and it's a brilliant experience.

Do you have a funny / poignant / interesting story or anecdote about an FS experience that you'd like to share?

PH: Probably showing up to the competition as a participant with a car that looked like a bath tub...! It was a good conversation starter.

What does the future of FS look like and how do you hope to be a part of it?

PH: I think with the competition getting tougher each year, FS is empowering students to keep innovating and finding ways to get an edge over their competition. I think we'll start to see the development of technology in a way we haven't seen it before.


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