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FS Volunteer Interview: Lee Wall

Formula Student Team

Lee Wall at FS2019
Lee Wall at FS2019

With just a few weeks until volunteer applications close, Deputy Cost Judge Lee encourages anyone sitting on the fence to apply and get involved in this year's competition

Want to join this year's Formula Student competition as a volunteer? Read the full descriptions of all the available opportunities here and submit your application before the end of February 2022 to get involved!

What's your history in relation to Formula Student, what area of the competition are you involved in and how long have you been involved?

Lee Wall (LW): I stumbled across FS by chance, I had just started a new role at work as a Cost Estimator and was talking to some of my colleagues about my interest in motorsport and Formula 1 when one of them piped up and said fantastic another volunteer for FS ! Not wanting to disappoint I said of course sure I’m happy to volunteer, not really knowing what I had let myself in for ! Quick Google and I was hooked ! 2022 will be my 9th year as a volunteer in the cost and manufacturing event and my 4th year as Deputy Head Cost Judge.

What is your current role at Formula Student?

LW: For me it’s about giving something back, throughout my career I have been lucky enough to have some amazing opportunities to learn and grow and FS gives me the ability to share that experience with the engineers of the future.

What is your motivation for your involvement in FS?

LW: There are two things firstly the people you meet each year from all different industries and walks of life and secondly seeing the students & cars out on track its amazing spectacle to watch and see the energy and passion they bring to the event.

What advice would you give to someone considering being involved in your area?

LW: Don’t hesitate! Sign up ! you won’t regret it. In Cost and Manufacturing we have judges from a variety of sectors and as a new judge we always match you with an experience judge to help you learn the ropes.

Do you have a funny / poignant / interesting story or anecdote about an FS experience that you'd like to share?

LW: 2020 really summed up the spirit of FS to me, The determination the whole team had to put on a virtual event when it would have been easier to cancel showed why FS is such a fantastic educational experience. It was great to see so many teams take part showing that can do attitude in the face of adversity which is what engineering is all about.

What does the future of FS look like and how do you hope to be a part of it?

LW: For me FS has a bright future, already supporting the automotive industry trends with EV and AI vehicles while re enforcing skills such as Cost and manufacturing that are so important in the automotive industry future. I hope to continue to be part of FS for many years to come supporting the event in any way I can.


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