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Available now ‘One Birdcage Walk – a moment in time’ created by IMechE staff member, Ravi Bhela, in celebration of IMechE 175

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Ravi Bhela, Membership Marketing Manager
Ravi Bhela, Membership Marketing Manager

In celebration of the Institution’s 175th Anniversary, Ravi Bhela, Membership Marketing Manager for IMechE talks about the experience of creating her original artwork ‘One Birdcage Walk – a moment in time’.

Tell us what you do for the Institution on a day-to-day basis? What does an average day look like?
I am the Membership Marketing Manager for the Institution and lead on all our member retention and acquisition marketing campaigns. I don’t think there ever is an average day, one day I could be working on design projects, or social media posts another it could be analysing data or writing surveys. My role has always evolved and changed in the 7 years I have worked at the IMechE - every day is varied which is something I love about my job.

What is the most rewarding part of working for IMechE?
I am very proud of the work the Institution does in supporting and championing the vital work that engineers do, and the impact they make in the world which is so inspiring. I wish engineering was suggested to me as a career path when I was at school as I think I would have really enjoyed the problem solving and creativity. IMechE also has a great staff team who are hardworking and dedicated and I have made great friends over the years.

Tell us about your artistic background – how long have you been creating such beautiful art?
I studied art at school and at university alongside English Literature and Art History. I have always been passionate about any artistic pursuits whether it is painting, drawing, sewing, crafting and more recently, digital art. I love the process of starting with a blank canvas and creating something full of life and colour and all the exciting possibilities that exist. You can become totally lost and absorbed in creating something special – it’s my happy place.

How does it feel to have created a new piece of art for the 175th anniversary?
I feel incredibly honoured, especially when I think about the history of the Institution and contributing to that in some way. One Birdcage Walk is such an iconic building in a city which continually inspires me – so I felt very privileged to receive this commission. I hope that staff and our members will get some enjoyment from it, the IMechE will always have a place in my heart and the artwork was created with a lot of love and care.

One Birdcage Walk – a moment in time’ original artwork by Ravi Bhela

What was going through your mind when creating it?
It was very important to me to capture the essence of the building, where it is located and for it to capture a moment in time. It also felt like a big responsibility to produce something special – I hope I have achieved that. I feel that through this process I have been able to really see the building and absorb all the amazing details the red brick, the stately columns – the way the windows vary in size and style and as the day moves from dawn to dusk, they either reflect back the beautiful park opposite or you can peer inside and see the lights twinkling. I have always felt proud to walk up those entrance steps into the building and I feel that even more now.

What do you hope people feel when looking at your piece?
I hope they connect emotionally with the piece, that it brings some joy. It makes me happy to think that it may be on a wall somewhere, that someone may be looking at it and that it evokes happy memories, sparks a conversation, or a smile.

Purchase your own photographic print of ‘One Birdcage Walk - A moment in time’ by Ravi Bhela. 10% of all sales will be donated to Engineers Without Borders.

Find out more about our upcoming anniversary: IMechE 175 Hub


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