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about Thermofluids Group

The Thermofluids Group is concerned with the science of fluid flows, particularly their energy content and its transport in such flows.

Who we are

Thermofluids has two primary sections:

  • thermodynamics (the flow or conversion of heat energy into other forms)
  • fluid dynamics (how fluids move and the forces on them).
Thermofluids Group also covers instrumentation, such as high-response miniature probes and non-intrusive optical techniques such as particle image velocimetry.


Industries or disciplines covered

  • Fluid mechanics of energy transfer processes
  • Fluid mechanics of turbomachinery
  • Computational fluid dynamics
  • Heat exchange systems
  • Measurement of heat and flow
  • Thermodynamic cycle developments
  • Emissions.


  • Provide a focus and network to identify and promote the key developments in the area
  • Provide a programme of events which promotes technology transfer, the exchange of information and the spread of understanding and best practice 
  • Enhance the perception and respect for engineering and the continuing professional development of engineers.

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