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Thermofluids Group (TfG) is concerned with the science of fluid flows, particularly their energy content and its transport in such flows.

The Board is recruiting new members to help generate new ideas with its learned society activities and to help with existing activities. The Board is also trying to ensure that we have all the expertise required to accurately represent the full 14,300+ members.

Benefits to becoming a member of the TfG: 

  • Thermofluids Group is unique within in the Institution as it is not based on a single industry, but rather brings together thermofluids experts from across many fields
  • The Group comprises of a mix of academics, industry technical leaders, and consultants
  • Board meetings are held three times a year at IMechE HQ in Westminster, occasionally coinciding with technical tours or lectures
  • Thermofluids Group main action is to generate learned society activities for its membership such as events, competitions, award prizes to recognise achievement, respond to government consultations etc
  • Industrial visits/tours are occasionally organised in conjunction with meetings – ie a tour of Southwell Laboratory at Oxford University 
  • The group contributes to the generation of suitable training courses for our industry offered to members and non-members
  • The  Group awards the Donald Julius Groen Prize
  • Gain insight into current directions of developments in thermofluids, giving back to the engineering world by contributing to learned activities especially for young people
  • Receive an opportunity to network with technical experts in fields of mutual interest
  • Examples of past, upcoming and supported TfG events include:

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