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Automobile Division Prizes and Awards

The Automobile Division awards the following prizes:

Crompton Lanchester Medal

Premier award of the Automobile Division, to an individual or a team of people for an outstanding technical achievement. This may be a significant product launch, or research project, or other development in the field of automotive engineering. It can also be awarded for outstanding and continuous service to the Automobile Division over a number of years.

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Adrian Reynard Motorsports Medal

Awarded to an individual or a team of people, working in the field of motorsports engineering, who have demonstrated an outstanding technical achievement, or delivered a notable lecture, presentation or published article, or have made a significant contribution to the advancement of engineering in motorsports, including service to the Institution.

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Automobile Division Handbook

Automobile Division Handbook

This handbook contains rules for organising and administering the Division and guidelines for Members and Staff administering the Division.

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