Manufacturing Industries Division: How we are governed

The Institution is a key member of the All Party Parliamentary Manufacturing Group, with the Chairman of the MID sitting on the Steering Committee.

Interaction with other Professional Bodies or Organisations

The desire for closer association with our manufacturing colleagues at the IET (Institution of Engineering and Technology) is high on the Division’s agenda and closer collaboration is being explored. Support for the Division’s many events is also forthcoming from other IMechE divisions and groups, fellow institutions and companies with an interest in manufacturing; the Division in turn supports other events within the IMechE and elsewhere which it believes to be of interest to its members.

The Future

The priorities for the Division are:

  • To provide opportunities for Members of all grades to develop professionally through a high quality, geographically accessible programme of lectures, seminars, debates and technical visits.
  • To enable communication, networking and peer support amongst our Members both nationally and internationally creating mutual benefit, through a range of physical and virtual mechanisms.
  • To represent the views and interests of Division members within the IMechE, and also in external forums, relevant opinion forming bodies, influential organisations, National Government and Devolved Authorities, thus contributing to the continued development and maintenance of a thriving manufacturing sector in the UK.
  • To raise awareness and increase the profile of Manufacturing Industries through the celebration of excellence in manufacturing, design practice and research (MX, prizes and awards), and amongst young people, their schools and teachers (especially through the work of the excellent Imagineering charity);
  • To offer informed direction, appropriate guidance and support to UK universities providing first and higher degree programmes in manufacturing engineering.
  • Finally to work closely with sister Institutions and other bodies, at national and regional level in the UK, and abroad, to maximise benefit to Members in pursuing the Division’s Mission and objectives.
Dr Clive Hickman
Chairman, Manufacturing Division

Date: 11 June 2014 

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