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  • Our Manufacturing Policies and Reports

    • Manufacturing prospects report

      The Institution and BDO accountants and business advisers carried out a survey that questioned manufacturing companies to ask their opinions on the likely effects of Brexit on their businesses.

    • Engineering a future outside the EU: securing the best outcome for the UK

      This report hails the government’s renewed focus on industrial strategy as a major opportunity to help the UK compete on the world stage, but warns that Brexit must not restrict access to engineering skills from across Europe.

    • Automated Vehicles: Automatically Low Carbon?

      Automation and smart connectivity in road vehicles is happening apace. In this report we look at how might these elements be combined and integrated into the mobility system to have the most positive impact on energy efficiency and carbon reduction.

    • Industry 4.0 Report

      This BDO report, produced in partnership with the Institution, examines what Industry 4.0 is and why it is relevant, what other countries are doing in this space and what the important next developments are.

    • The Food and Drink Report 2016

      An analysis of the sentiment, challenges and changing landscape for UK food and drink companies.

    • Engineered in Britain 2015: Manufacturing a successful economy?

      Now in its fifth year, our Engineered in Britain 2015 report examines perceptions of the health of the UK’s manufacturing sector.

    • The International Report

      This report considers the current state of manufacturing exports and the issues faced by engineering companies.

    • UK House Building: Manufacturing Affordable Quality Homes

      In this policy statement we look at the role of off-site construction technologies in speeding up the house building system, strengthening UK manufacturing and making our new homes affordable and truly sustainable.

    • Food for thought: The changing landscape of the food and drink industry

      This Barclays co-produced report identifies some of the changes, challenges and issues faced by UK food and drink manufacturers.

    • Composites: Consolidating the UK’s competitiveness

      In this policy statement, we consider whether UK manufacturing will be left behind as others seize on the opportunities to manufacture and supply composite-based products.

    • Engineered in Britain 2014: Manufacturing a Successful Economy?

      In this report we aim to ascertain the perceptions of manufacturers and the public towards the value, role and input of the Government in the growth of this valuable economic sector.

    • 21st Century Engineering for an Ageing Population

      In this policy statement we look at the growing need for engineers to take age into account when designing and planning equipment and systems.

    • Global Food: Waste Not, Want Not

      In this report we consider key factors contributing to the current unacceptable level of food waste across the world and the wider implications for sustainably supporting projected population growth.

    • Engineered in Britain 2013: Manufacturing a Successful Economy?

      In this report we aim to ascertain the perceptions of manufacturers and the public towards the value, role and input of Government in the growth of this valuable economic sector.

    • Sports engineering: An unfair advantage?

      In is report we examine the role that engineers are playing in supporting elite sport.

    • UK manufacturing in 2012

      This policy statement looks at how attention and investment of resources in four key areas could stimulate growth in the UK’s manufacturing sector.

    • Graphene: Small Wonder, Slow Progress

      Biomedicine, electronics and composites are all fields where graphene will have great impact. But how will this ‘miracle material’ become commonplace in society?

    • Industrial ecology

      This policy statement looks at the need for the skills and knowledge of engineers and scientists to develop better processes for transforming, shaping and assembling products.

    • Manufacturing: Securing Scotland’s Future

      Our Manufacturing: Securing Scotland’s Future report focuses on the manufacturing sector in Scotland (taking into account the current world economy as well as the challenges of competing) and how well placed it is to compete in a global marketplace.

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