Covid-19 manual for engineers

COVID-19 Taskforce

Compiled by IMechE's COVID-19 Task Force

Our COVID-19 Task Force is formed of members from across the Institution’s Special Interest Groups and Regions who can provide specialist input and advice on subjects where the impact of COVID-19 can be reduced through engineering applications.

The Task Force is a Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers' Technical Strategy Board, chaired by Past President of IMechE, Professor Joe McGeough.

Special thanks to:

  • IMechE President, Terry Spall, for supporting this initiative
  • IMechE's Technical Strategy Board and Valentin Kokorin for project managing contributions to the Manual,


This online manual compiled by our expert COVID-19 Task Force and produced by the Institution of Mechanical Engineers contains the latest knowledge from expert organisations around the world on how to tackle COVID-19 through engineering solutions.

The information held within the manual is correct as of November 2020 - January 2021 and 30 October 2020 (Geographical case study).

This online manual is designed to provide best practice examples to engineers and other interested parties who are seeking to make workplaces and travelling COVID-19-safe. This material is not intended as a substitute for expert professional advice and the Institution of Mechanical Engineers strongly advises any individual wishing to implement technologies and processes contained in this manual to seek professional advice first.