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The poll was an opportunity to ensure many different views as possible about the future of Birdcage Walk were heard.

Inclusion is important to ensure all our members and staff feel valued and importantly, add value from their skills and experience to IMechE

The future of our Birdcage Walk building is one of the most important decisions the Institution has to make in the near future. Our Trustee Board felt it was important that all our members, who were entitled to vote on a resolution about the building, had a chance to have their say about what should happen to Birdcage Walk.

We organised an independent indicative poll and were pleased to see over 10,000 members took part in the poll, which gave the Trustee Board valuable feedback about members’ support for the five options available.

The poll gave all voting members an opportunity to voice their opinion, to ensure as many different voices were heard. The results of the poll can be seen in the Supporting Information section of the Birdcage Walk webpage.

Securing The Future of Our HQ Video

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