We act with Integrity


We are committed to acting with the best intentions to support and drive IMechE’s mission by being honest, truthful, and authentic, adhering to the highest levels of quality and professional standards in every decision we make and every action we take.

We put our personal agendas aside.

We are committed to putting the good of IMechE ahead of our own personal agendas, respecting and accepting decisions made after debates, and doing our part to support and move things forward together.

We are honest and courageous.

We pro-actively and courageously speak up, doing so in a kind, respectful, vulnerable, and inclusive manner to find solutions and overcome problems and challenges head on.

We are dependable.

We earn and maintain the trust of others by being credible, fair, consistent, and reliable. We say what we’ll do and do what we say.

We admit our mistakes.

We openly and freely admit and learn from our mistakes, viewing them as lessons learned, meeting them with understanding so that we can move forward to resolve and overcome them.

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