Bridget Eickhoff

Bridget Eickhoff graduated in Mathematics from Cambridge University and joined British Rail Research as a research engineer working in the team which developed simulation tools for railway vehicle dynamics, including the complex and highly non-linear wheel-rail contact forces. She became a member of the IMechE through the ‘experience’ route and became involved in the Railway Division Midlands Centre.

Bridget’s expertise is in the engineering of railway wheel-rail and vehicle-track interaction including the study of derailment mechanisms, track forces and deterioration, vehicle approval methods and passenger comfort. Initially with BR Research, after privatisation this was with the successor consultancy companies until she joined RSSB (Rail Safety & Standards Board) in 2008. She has managed departments of up to 60 people, as well as leading research projects, both GB and international and undertaking a range of consultancy contracts.

In RSSB she is responsible for work on several of the Infrastructure standards, including leading GB input into related international standards, contributes to several cross-industry groups, including chairing where required, and provides support to a range of research and innovation projects. She led the engineering input to the development and implementation of the industry’s Platform Train Interface Strategy to improve the safety, accessibility and performance of this element of railway operations.

Bridget became a Fellow of the IMechE in 2000 and has been active in the Railway Division, including Chairing the division in 2012-2013. She is a member of the organising committee of the Railway Challenge, acting as ‘controller’ during the on-site event, and has assisted in planning and leading technical tours.

She was elected as a Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering in 2019. She is Honorary Professor of Railway Interface Engineering at BCRRE (Birmingham Centre for Railway Research and Education) where she supports their MSc Programmes through lectures, supervision and assisting with on-site activities.

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