Our other boards and committees lead our strategy and activities as well as advising and reporting to the Trustee Board.

Audit and Risk Committee

Chair: Helena Rivers

This committee:
  • Reviews internal audit reports
  • Reviews procedures for detecting fraud and whistle-blowing
  • Presents an annual review of the risks to the Trustee Board.

Strategy Advisory Committee

Chair: TBC

This board:
  • Supports the Council in determining our strategy
  • Debates concepts and our long-term direction
  • Liaises between the Council and the President.

Trustee Board Awards Committee

Chair: Professor Richard Folkson

This committee:
  • Develops policy on and administers the disbursement of the Institution's prizes, awards and scholarships from the Institution's Trust Fund
  • Is responsible for processing and reviewing nominations for significant external awards.

Commercial and Investments Board

Chair: Dr Clive Hickman

This board:
  • Oversees PEP Ltd and its subsidiaries and Stephenson LLP
  • Monitors and reviews investment policy
  • Approves capital expenditure
  • Advises the Trustee Board on mergers, acquisitions and sales.

Disciplinary Board

For more information contact our boards and committees team.

Education and Skills Strategy Board

Chair: Giles Hartill

This board:
  • Provides leadership to the profession and society by facilitating the inspiration and retention of young people in engineering
  • Develops the strategic objectives and policy across the broad range of activities influencing education and skills in engineering.

International Strategy Board

Chair: Professor Alan Lau

This board:
  • Develops the international strategic objectives in line with our overall strategic aims
  • Develops and reviews international activities
  • Represents our international network
  • Advises the Trustee Board and international offices.

Investigating Panel

Chair: Mark Hunt

This panel:
  • Investigates allegations of improper conduct against members, and, if appropriate, presents them to the Disciplinary Board.

Member Communications Board

Chair: Heather Clarke

This committee:
  • Reviews brand, digital and marketing and communications strategies
  • Oversees publishing outsourcing contracts
  • Monitors communication performance, and associated risks including reputation and data protection.

Qualifications and Membership Board

Chair: Professor Stephen Beck

This board:
  • Advises on policies for education, training, and continuing professional development for mechanical engineers
  • Influences the standards required for membership
  • Advises on our policies on professional development, qualifications and membership
  • Advises the Trustee Board.

Regional Strategy Board

Chair: TBC

This board:
  • Develops, reviews and co-ordinates the strategies and activities of the UK and Ireland regions to support our vision and strategic objectives
  • Advises the Trustee Board.

Technical Strategy Board

Chair: TBC

This board:
  • Develops and reviews the engineering and technical activities
  • Advises and coordinates technical strategy and activity
  • Advises the Trustee Board.

Young Members Board

Chair: Lydia Amarquaye

This board:
  • Represents the interests of our 65,000 young members
  • Works to ensure that the voice of young members is heard and considered in all areas, from membership accreditation, to industries and specialisms to geographical location
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