Birdcage Walk HQ Working Group

Working Group Overview

Our Birdcage Walk headquarters are over 120 years old and in urgent need of refurbishment for us to continue to operate there. The Working Group was set up in May 2022 to examine how Birdcage Walk fits into our long-term strategy and business plans. The work will build on a proposal developed by our Real Estate Strategy Group and will also consider other options which could deliver the Institution’s goals. For each option, the Working Group is considering strategic fit, financial viability, risk profile and chances of receiving member approval. Any decision regarding the future of Birdcage Walk will need the approval of two thirds of voting members in a special meeting.

The Working Group includes members who have experience and skills in infrastructure and historic buildings, finance, building and site redevelopment and project management.

We aim to hold a member vote on the future of Birdcage Walk in 2023.


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