Securing the Future of our HQ


Our headquarters is 122 years old and needs extensive refurbishment for us to continue to be able to use it. We have developed a proposal to grant a long-term lease of 3 Birdcage Walk to fund the refurbishment of 1 Birdcage Walk, which was our original headquarters in London. We are now carrying out a consultation about the proposal. The Trustees have agreed that such a significant decision about our building will need to go to a member vote.

Birdcage Walk

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The goal of the project is to create a modern, inspiring headquarters which allows us to maximise our impact on government and society at large. A building which is welcoming to our members and the public, and accessible to all. It should be sustainable in the long term, with low operational carbon.

Our aim is to refurbish Birdcage Walk creating a centre of excellence for mechanical engineering as well as a sustainable building for the future.

Major Objectives

  1. Secure our iconic Birdcage Walk headquarters for future generations
  2. Create a more welcoming building by improving member facilities and showcasing mechanical engineering
  3. Ensure we have a building which is appropriate size-wise for our needs and flexible to adapt to future changes
  4. Make 1 Birdcage Walk more inclusive and accessible to all, with fit for purpose independent access for wheelchair users and easier navigation around the building
  5. Showcase a low-carbon building in a heritage setting

Real Estate Strategy Group

The project was developed by our Real Estate Strategy Group headed by Trustee Helena Rivers. Meet the Committee:

Terry Spall

Terry Spall
Past President

Frank Mills

Frank Mills

Sean Fox

Sean Fox
Finance and Commercial Director

Philip G

Philip Goodge
Head of Building Services

Benjamin Ralph

Benjamin Ralph
Construction & Building Services board

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