UCL “Summer Session”

Birdcage Walk
9 June

We are delighted to host UCL Mechanical Engineering’s “Summer Session” in Birdcage Walk on 9 June as part of our 175 Anniversary celebrations.

UCL Mechanical Engineering is also celebrating its 175th anniversary this year and we are honoured to collaborate on this event. The Institution and UCL Mechanical Engineering have a long history together. One of UCL’s first engineering professors was Alexander Kennedy who was also President of the Institution from 1894 to 1895.

The UCL Mechanical Engineering 'Summer Session' is a buzzing end of academic year exposition and celebration for three student cohorts from UCL Mechanical Engineering.

Reception and Prize Giving

We would like to invite members and guests to come join us for an evening drinks reception and prize giving ceremony which will also be an opportunity to meet the students and find out more about the projects on display.

It’s a free event but numbers are limited, and tickets will be allocated on a first come, first serve basis. Sign up for the reception here.

Here is some information about the research groups and the activities taking place earlier in the day.

PhD Cohort

Short conference presentations throughout the day accompanied by poster displays and animations. The main engineering research themes presented are:

  • Biomechanical
  • Energy and Environment
  • Marine
  • Materials, Structures and Manufacturing

MSc Group Design Projects

Group design project teams showcase their designs, prototypes, and associated films. Prizes for Best Project and Best Film are included in the evening prize ceremony.

4th Year MEng Undergraduate Cohort (integrated masters)

A series of 15 minute group design presentations including engineering prototypes, judging panel and Q&A.