Compressors and fans

Learn about the application of compressors and fans and their characteristics.

1 day

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Compressors and fans


£550.00 Plus vat
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Learn about the application of compressors and fans and their characteristics.

The course begins with a review of the different types of fans and compressors which are generally available. A selection chart is then presented and a selection example is worked as an exercise.

Key features and limitations of fluid dynamic machines are explored, looking at the impact of the fundamentals of fluid flow and thermodynamics. Machine output characteristics and their importance for control is explained. 

A worked fan selection example is given and discussed with reference to spareage and reliability. 

The differences between compressor and fan design are used to introduce vibration monitoring and the importance of machine integrity. An example of the successful use of vibration monitoring is shown. The benefits of intercooling is made clear with examples. 

Essential auxiliaries such as lube oil systems, bearings and dry gas seals are explained.
The key characteristics of positive displacement compressors are reviewed.
Finally the importance of Machinery Safety is illustrated with some examples.

Who should attend?

Engineers and operators of compressor plant and their managers.

Some technical background, such as a technical degree, is helpful.

Experience is not required, but can provide technical background in lieu of a degree.

How will I benefit?

After the course you will be able to: 
  • Carry out a preliminary selection for a compressor application and discuss the pros and cons of different choices.
  • You will have a basic understanding of compressor technology and its limitations.
  • You will be aware of the importance of machinery safety and its legal basis.
Contributes 7 CPD hours

Key topics

  • Fluid mechanics of compressors
  • Thermodynamics of compressors
  • Control of compressors
  • Rotor dynamics as applied to compressors
  • Machinery safety

Mapped against UK- SPEC competencies: A, B and E

  1. Knowledge and understanding - For Chartered Engineers: ‘Use a combination of general and specialist engineering knowledge and understanding to optimize the application of existing and emerging technology’ For Incorporated Engineers: ‘Use a combination of general and specialist mechanical engineering knowledge and understanding to apply existing and emerging technology’
  2. Design and development of processes, systems, services and products - For Chartered Engineers: ‘Apply appropriate theoretical and practical methods to the analysis and solution of mechanical engineering problems’ For Incorporated Engineers ‘Apply appropriate theoretical and practical methods to design, develop, manufacture, construct commission, operate, maintain, decommission and re-cycle mechanical engineering processes, systems, services and products’
  3. Professional commitment - For Incorporated and Chartered Engineers: ‘Demonstrate a personal commitment to professional standards, recognising obligations to society, the profession and the environment’

Meet our trainers

These trainers regularly teach Compressors and fans.

  • Harald Carrick

    Harald Carrick has 32 years experience with ICI in mechanical engineering, in the UK and the USA, culminating in responsibility for mechanical engineering consultancy world-wide. This was followed by 8 years machines consultancy for DuPont/Invista. Since 2010 he has provided machines consultancy from his own company ‘Process Industry Machinery Expertise Ltd’. He is a member (and past Chairman) of the IMechE Fluid Machinery Group and has delivered the Compressors and Fans training course and workshop for a number of years.

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At a glance

  • Duration:
    1 day
  • CPD Hours:
  • UK-Spec:
    A, B, E

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