Supporting the training of railway engineers, encouraging development to improve the performance of the industry.

We understand that UK’s busy railway network relies heavily on the competency of its professionals and believe that investing in people is one of the most effective ways of improving the safety, reliability and efficiency of the railway.

With this in mind, we created a range of courses designed to get you up-to-speed on the key skills and knowledge relevant to the railway industry.

  • Very informative course which added significantly to my generalist knowledge of diesel and electric rolling stock.

    Bernard Rochard Modern traction and braking systems attendee, February 2019


    • Authorising rail vehicles and managing change: Current process

      Gain and understanding of vehicle acceptance procedures, including authorisation processes and vehicle acceptance bodies.


    • Condition monitoring

      Based on ISO 17359:2011, this course is designed to introduce the benefits and opportunities of Condition Based Maintenance within the railway environment and covers a range of techniques.


    • European rail traffic managament system (ERTMS)

      Understand what ERTMS is, the challenges associated with its roll out, how the introduction might affect your role and company, as well as benefits and issues, and UK implementation plans.


    • Introduction to UK traction and rolling stock

      Gain a basic understanding of the role of traction and rolling stock within the context of railway systems as a whole, and understand how vehicle design impacts performance and safety requirements.


    • Maintaining railway fleet: Introduction

      Improve your knowledge of maintenance regimes and contractual arrangements and the key drivers of fleet maintenance decision-making including costs, reliability and safety.


    • Maintaining railway fleet: Advanced

      Learn about the tools and techniques used in today’s rail vehicle maintenance environment to improve reliability, how they can be used in an efficient production facility and the key stages involved.


    • Modern traction and braking systems

      An overview of the different types of traction and braking systems, including their principles of operation, main components, failure modes and maintenance and safety requirements.


    • Rail industry hazards and risks

      Learn about the typical hazards associated with railway infrastructure, rolling stock, operations and maintenance, as well as the concepts and the role of risk management through the rail project lifecycle.


    • Rail safety analysis

      An overview of different qualitative and quantitative safety analysis techniques used within the rail industry and guidance on which analysis method may be most suitable depending on the system or lifecycle phase.


    • Structure of railway vehicles: Fatigue, crashworthiness and fire

      Learn methods, techniques and tools used within structural integrity, fire and crashworthiness, with a focus on rail vehicle design and maintenance.


    • Train control and safety systems

      Understand and participate in projects that deal with control and safety systems. You will also be introduced to common abbreviations and terminology, such as DSD, DRA, ATC, TPWS and OTDR.


    • UK rail infrastructure

      Gain an understanding of what rail infrastructure is and how the constituent parts fit together in relation to power supplies, signalling, permanent way and civil engineering.


    • UK railway framework

      All rail companies and stakeholders are required to meet specific requirements and this course provides an understanding of the framework which they work under.


    • UK railway signalling technologies

      An overview of railway control systems, subsystems and technologies used on UK mainline and metro railways.


    • Vehicle dynamics and vehicle-track interaction

      Gain an understanding of vehicle dynamics and its importance in vehicle safety, ride comfort, infrastructure damage and economic asset life.


    • Railway learning pass

      Our Railway learning pass is the ideal route to saving up to 33% on our training.

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