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expatriations / relocations coaching

Prepare for the changes and challenges that lie ahead.

Engineers are frequently required to move as part of their work, especially in light of recent worldwide events. Coaching can be invaluable in preparing you for the changes that lie ahead. We can help you make sense of new cultures, different working practices and establishing yourself in a new team and country.

According to research carried out by Expat Insider 2018 Business Edition in which 18,135 expats worldwide took part, they state that “While expats are often viewed as privileged, adventure- seekers, or career-driven, they are taken out of their comfort zone and away from friends, family, and their daily routine. This brings many personal challenges. The success of foreign assignments and international talent acquisition, therefore, also depend on how well they are (and feel) supported in these matters”.

Working closely with an experienced coach, generally someone who understands the particular challenges that relocation and expat life present, you will likely discuss one or many of the following scenarios:

  • Research found that “while making friends is a challenge, making local friends stands out as one of the biggest problems for expats. This could lead to remaining within the expat bubble — staying exclusively within a community and not really  understanding and immersing themselves in the local culture”. Our coaches can support you in discovering new ways to broaden your social experience and make new contacts and friends.
  • Access to networking and socializing opportunities, as well as membership in an expat organization stand out as most desired, with high percentages of respondents indicating that they were not offered these types of support, but that they would have liked it. Whether you are confident or less so in being exposed to new cultures, customs and challenges, your coach will help you see the experience from a different perspective. Encouraging you to develop the resilience, confidence and self-awareness to more comfortably transition into a new environment.
  • The honeymoon phase is often referred to as the first months just after relocation, when everything is still new and exciting, but this can soon wear off as work pressures and cultural differences take their toll. This could be the ideal time to consider coaching. Speaking to someone with similar experiences is extremely valuable in gaining context and redressing the balance.
  • Having a happy partner and family is critical to your happiness. Discover new ways, with the help of your coach, to ensure that family life runs smoothly and that you are making the necessary tweaks in your behaviour to help this happen.
  • Are you thinking of applying for or taking up a role in a different country. Explore with your coach what this could mean in terms of impact on your family life, financial situation and the longer term impact of the commitment on your career and personal life.

In this piece of research, the number of female Expats is rising: While 2012 there were only 20% female Expats sent abroad by companies this figure has risen to 25% in the last couple of years. It is expected to grow further since it is a vital career step to take. And “family related issues” is the most common reason for Expat failure and an early return home.

Having the opportunity to work abroad can be an incredible, like-enhancing experience. Yet change can be challenging. Taking advantage of the support a dedicated coach can offer can smooth this transition and enable you to make the most of the experience.

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