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Promoting safe, efficient transport systems with minimal congestion is important for personal mobility and transportation of goods.

Yet the transport sector damages our environment: it produces over a quarter of UK CO2 emissions. Engineering is therefore key to meeting the requirements of increased mobility, lower carbon emissions and improving air quality.

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reports and policy statements

  • Increasing capacity: Putting Britain's railways back on track

    This report complements and builds upon the Royal Academy of Engineering’s Transport Congestion Challenge paper (Nov 2015), using the expertise of our Railway Division membership active throughout the UK rail industry.

  • Automated Vehicles: Automatically Low Carbon?

    Automation and smart connectivity in road vehicles is happening apace. In this report we look at how might these elements be combined and integrated into the mobility system to have the most positive impact on energy efficiency and carbon reduction.

  • UK Freight: In for the long haul?

    This report consists of five short papers which look at UK freight's key issues: future-proofing the transport network, creating a joined-up approach, the introduction of new technologies, environmental impact and skills challenges.

  • Industry 4.0 Report

    This BDO report, produced in partnership with the Institution, examines what Industry 4.0 is and why it is relevant, what other countries are doing in this space and what the important next developments are.

  • Autonomous and Driverless Cars Case Study

    In this case study we focus on the latest technology and policy developments in the field of autonomous and driverless cars

  • Integrated Transport

    We suggest a fresh approach to integrated transport policy to reduce congestion.

  • Seeking Resolution: Growing The UK Small Satellite Industry

    In this report we focus on Earth Observation (EO), one of the fastest growing areas of small satellite use.

  • The Aerospace Report

    This report analyses the sentiment, challenges and changing macro landscape for UK companies supplying products and services to the fast-growing and increasingly demanding global aerospace sector.

  • Automotive Report 2015

    BDO has produced this report in collaboration with us to get the inside story on the issues shaping the automotive industry, as seen by those at the heart of the action.

  • Public Transport for an Ageing Population

    In this policy statement we look at the increase in demand for public transport from older people as the UK's demographics change.

  • Transport Hierarchy

    This policy statement takes a focused engineering look at system design, addressing how we can change our approach to meet the demanding targets across our transport modes.

  • Intelligent Transport, Intelligent Society

    In this report we outline how Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) could help improve the safety of our transport networks, cut congestion and reduce the environmental impact of travelling.

  • Aero 2075: Flying into a Bright Future? Part I

    This report comes in two parts. In Part I we underline the importance of the UK aerospace sector to UK manufacturing.

  • Aero 2075: Flying into a Bright Future? Part II

    This report comes in two parts. In Part II of the report we investigate the future of flight – in 2075 and beyond.

  • Volcanic ash: To fly or not to fly?

    In this report we analyse the technical details behind the closures of airspace over Europe due to the eruption of Icelandic volcano Eyjafjallajökull, and suggest what needs to be done to avoid similar difficulties in the future.

  • Low-Carbon Vehicles: Driving the UK’s Transport Revolution

    In this report we provide an overview of the many alternative types of engine technology currently being developed and outline a number of recommendations to break consumers' fossil fuel habits.

  • Rail freight: Getting on the right track

    This report examines the advantages and challenges of using rail to move goods, and highlights the need for a holistic rail strategy to meet the needs of the railway passenger and freight sectors on our network.

Comment and analysis

Philippa Oldham CEng MIMechE

Transport policy spokesperson

Philippa joined the Institution in 2011 as the Head of Transport and Manufacturing. She works with members to raise the profile of engineers, aiming to spark debate and provide thought leadership within the transport and manufacturing realm.

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