Sustainable, Inclusive, Innovative: The Role of Engineering in Sport

This report examines the importance of engineering in the world of sport and how the UK can capitalise on its leadership in the field.

Engineers play a vital role in the sports industry by driving technological advancements. In 2012, the Institution of Mechanical Engineers published Sports Engineering: An Unfair Advantage.

The report described how engineering contributes to elite sport and the fine balance between embracing technologies that can enhance athlete performance and maintaining fair competition. In the subsequent decade, technological advancements have continued to allow elite athletes to push boundaries and break records. Technological advancements have also helped recreational athletes improve their performance and engage in sport safely. The use of data within sport to inform decision-making has expanded and become increasingly important.

This report describes how the field of sports engineering has developed since 2012. It expands upon its predecessor by showcasing how technology is helping sport become more sustainable and inclusive.


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