Public Perceptions: Driverless Cars

With increasing discussion in the media surrounding the concept of driverless cars and lorries, the Institution commissioned ICM Unlimited to establish the public’s knowledge, awareness and acceptability of a technology which could potentially revolutionise road transport in the very near future.

Overall the research found low public awareness and acceptability of driverless cars, and concerns about the technology’s ability and functionality. It is therefore, important that industry undertake greater public engagement on the concept of driverless cars, highlighting the social, environmental, safety and personal benefits that this technology could offer to us all in the near future.


Top Three Points

1. The public has low awareness and acceptability of driverless cars, and concerns about the technology’s ability and functionality (albeit younger generations are more accepting of the concept). 
2. Industry must undertake greater public engagement and access of driverless cars to highlight the social, environmental, safety and personal benefits that this technology could offer in the near future.
3. The public needs to see, and become accustomed to, driverless technology in action, traveling around our towns and cities safely and reliably.


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