Commercialising Cleantech: Practical Insights

We have designed it to help you if you're commercialising an innovative clean technology product or process., no matter what stage of the process you are at.

While businesses across all sectors have been working hard to navigate the financial uncertainties of recent times, many have been doing so with an eye on the medium-term risks and opportunities posed by some of the big issues we face on a global scale. Trends such as population growth, constraints upon resource availability and regulatory change form a complex backdrop against which to make investment decisions.

Issues that were seen as medium-term five years ago are beginning to hit profit and loss in the here and now. These points of focus have led to the creation of new markets and products to satisfy the demands of this new consumer and corporate hunger. A highly creative and innovative clean technology sector has begun to mature.

As with any sector characterised by innovation and populated by entrepreneurial businesses, the road from initial concept to market success is a tough one. The ability to access funding, to move from proof of concept to production reality, to protect intellectual property and create a strong, backable management team are all essential for success.

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Commercialising Cleantech - Practical Insights

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