Annual review

Annual Review 2014

Read our objectives of growing professional membership, increasing engagement, providing engineering expertise and developing a wider awareness of engineering.

The year 2014 has been remarkable year for us. We are leading the profession from the front, working tirelessly to inspire the next generation and demonstrating actively what engineers have to offer society. We are also broadening public awareness of how engineers are improving the world in which we live.

Growing professional membership

At the end of December 2014 our total membership stood at 111,408, compared with 106,277 in 2013. We welcomed more than 4,300 new members to our international network, drawn from 140 countries.

Increasing engagement

Our regional volunteers work hard to organise visits and seminars, keep their local members engaged and nurture young talent. Our UK regions initiated more than 800 events which engaged, delighted and informed the engineering community throughout 2014. An additional 280 international events were held in 2014, a third of which were held collaboratively with other organisations.

Providing engineering expertise

We teamed up with The Guardian newspaper in early 2014 to work on the UK Energy Trilemma, a term coined by the World Energy Council to sum up the difficulty in finding secure energy supplies while meeting rising demand, but without prices becoming unaffordable. We also staged 11 roundtable events, including three at the Party Conferences, to gather opinion and evidence from policy makers as well as industry representatives.

Developing a wider awareness of engineering

Our Theme Managers produced many well-received reports on topics such as energy storage technologies, cold chain technologies, bio-medical engineering, and STEM engagement with the next generation. We also provided expert contributions to the public debate on HS2, the response to flooding and nuclear power. Our Engineering Heritage Awards programme celebrated its 30th anniversary in 2014 with the presentation of the 100th award to Old Furnace at Coalbrookdale. 

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