Aero 2075: Flying into a Bright Future? Part I

This report comes in two parts. In Part I we underline the importance of the UK aerospace sector to UK manufacturing.


If the UK can maintain its global standing as a leading aerospace innovator, the country could be leading the next generation of greener and cleaner aeroplanes, providing greater comfort and affordability to airlines and passengers alike.

Key recommendations

  1. Industry and government should agree a strategic vision for investing in the UK’s aerospace sector, as this is vital to our recovering economy

    We cannot assume that the sector will be able to thrive without the necessary support and skills. Against increasing competition from emerging markets, investment in R&D, skills and infrastructure can help to ensure this UK manufacturing sector contributes to the government’s vision of a rebalanced economy.
  2. Establish a UK Advanced Technologies Aerospace Research Centre

    While we welcome the government’s recent measures to support advanced manufacturing, we also support industry calls for a dedicated aerospace research centre. The unique pressures on aerospace (large-scale and investment-intensive technology validation programmes) require a national, single focus for research with world-class facilities.

    The government must see the value of this long-term vision in research to underpin the UK’s current world leader position. Air travel is a great enabler for economic growth and the UK is already in a leading position. Emerging economies are responding to climate change, which will be a key influence in the market in the medium to long term. More formation flying, permanent automatic pilots and new aircraft designs could all be seen in the skies over the next 50 years.
  3. Ensure UK plc is an attractive investment location

    Government should restore R&D support to pre-recession levels. Aerospace needs scale, so the UK must ensure funding is not diluted across many organisations and competitions. Funding must also be easily accessible to SMEs and companies looking to enter the aerospace supply chain.

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