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World’s first hydrogen double-deckers start operating in Aberdeen

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The zero-emission hydrogen buses have entered service in Aberdeen
The zero-emission hydrogen buses have entered service in Aberdeen

The world’s first double-decker hydrogen buses have started transporting passengers after entering service in Aberdeen.

The 15 zero-emission vehicles were manufactured by Wrightbus, while the hydrogen fuel systems were designed, manufactured and supplied by Luxfer.  

On-board multi-cylinder systems regulate hydrogen to low pressure and feed it to adjacent fuel cells. It then passes along the surface of the fuel-cell membrane, splitting into protons and electrons to generate an electric current and water, the only by-product. The electricity charges a battery pack, which powers an electric motor.

The vehicles include regenerative braking systems to provide an extra boost to acceleration, and offer a range of about 350km (217 miles).

The Aberdeen launch is part of the €32m EU-funded Jive (Joint Initiative for hydrogen Vehicles across Europe) project, which is deploying 139 zero-emission buses and refuelling stations across five countries. Aberdeen, Liverpool, Birmingham and London will welcome the green fleets in the UK.

Wrightbus chairman Jo Bamford said the introduction of the buses “marks a pivotal moment in the city’s commitment to reaching net zero… hydrogen has an important part to play in the decarbonisation of transport, and the reduction in CO2 levels that we need to reach to ensure a net-zero future”.

The unveiling follows prime minister Boris Johnson’s pledge for a “green industrial revolution”, including investment in new hydrogen technology.

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