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United Airlines plans purchase of 100 zero-emission hydrogen engines

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The agreement includes an anticipated order for 50 ZeroAvia ZA2000-RJ hydrogen-electric engines
The agreement includes an anticipated order for 50 ZeroAvia ZA2000-RJ hydrogen-electric engines

Dozens of United Airlines aircraft could be making zero-emissions flights this decade, after the company invested in British-American hydrogen-electric engine developer ZeroAvia.

The US company became the largest airline to invest in carbon-free hydrogen-electric engines for regional aircraft, with a new $35m equity stake in the hydrogen engine specialist. The money will be used for the development of ZeroAvia’s zero-emission powertrain system.  

The agreement includes an anticipated order for 50 ZA2000-RJ engines, with an option for 50 more. If made in full, the order could provide engines to entirely power 50 twin-engine aircraft as soon as 2028.  

ZeroAvia aims to commercialise its hydrogen propulsion technology by 2024. It is initially targeting a 500-mile range in a 10-20 seat aircraft. The latest funding round is targeted at the next segment of 40-80 seat aircraft, targeting turboprops by 2026 and regional jets by 2028.  

“Hydrogen-electric engines are one of the most promising paths to zero-emission air travel for smaller aircraft, and this investment will keep United out in front on this important emerging technology,” said United CEO Scott Kirby. “United continues to look for opportunities to not only advance our own sustainability initiatives but also identify and help technologies and solutions that the entire industry can adopt.” 

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