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Trinidad holds Speak Out for Engineering competition

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Speak Out for Engineering (SOFE) is designed to develop verbal and visual communication skills in explaining and presenting technical mechanical engineering related subjects.

The event encourages young engineers and students of mechanical engineering all over the world to present their projects in a competitive environment, respond to questions, and receive feedback on their presentation content and style.

Three competitors took part in the competition in Trinidad. They were required to give an oral presentation on a mechanical engineering subject of their choice, which was structured as follows; presentation length: 10 minutes, discussion and questions from judges and audiences: 10 minutes.

Ninety per cent of the total marks was given for presentation with ten per cent for technical content. This ensures that, while all presentations must have mechanical engineering content in its broadest sense (purpose, research, design, feasibility, and practicality), all presentations have an equal chance of success despite varying degrees of technical content. 

The competitors were Samantha Deoraj, Keval Rambaran and Shreedevi Sahadeo. Samantha Deoraj is a mechanical engineer at the National Gas Company of Trinidad and Tobago Limited. Samantha is the Young Member representative for the Institution's Pan-Caribbean Group. Her presentation was on an evaporative cooler for the storage of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Keval Rambaran studied mechanical engineering at the University of the West Indies and received a Bachelor’s degree with First Class Honours in 2013. Keval’s presentation was entitled “Maglev transportation system developing a single technical innovation to significantly reduce the cost of passenger kilometre travelled per capita in Trinidad and Tobago by 2030”.

Shreedevi Sahadeo is a student of mechanical engineering. When she graduates in 2017 from the University of the West Indies, she would like to pursue a career in design and manufacturing. Shreedevi was a past participant in the Instituion’s Global Engineering Debate held in Trinidad in 2016. Shreedevi’s presentation was called “Surveying designs and modelling protective agriculture environment systems (greenhouses)”.

After considerations and calculations of points for the presentations, it was announced that Samantha Deoraj was placed first, receiving a certificate and £300. Shreedevi Sahadeo was in second place, awarded £200 and a certificate, with Keval Rambaran in third.

Find out more about Speak Out for Engineering.

SOFE Competitors : Left-right First Place winner Samantha Deoraj, 2nd Place Shreedevi Sahadeo and 3rd Place Keval Rambaran.


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