The most energy-efficient compressor ever built

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The third generation of Atlas Copco variable speed drive compressors significantly reduces energy consumption by adjusting motor speed to the fluctuations in compressed air demand
The third generation of Atlas Copco variable speed drive compressors significantly reduces energy consumption by adjusting motor speed to the fluctuations in compressed air demand

Welcome back to the Definitive Guide to Industry Products and Services for a Sustainable Future. This penultimate piece focuses on an Atlas Copco compressor that offers average energy savings of 60% – launched at the ideal time to help counter rising electricity prices. Check back tomorrow (6 May) to read how mushrooms could make construction more sustainable.

Atlas Copco has launched its most advanced, energy-efficient, sustainable and smart rotary screw compressor. With energy savings of 60% over fixed-speed compressors, the GA VSDS is the most energy-efficient, sustainable compressor on the market today. Thanks to its pioneering smart features, the GA VSDS compressor can adapt and optimise its operation for any application − innovative technology now embodied in Atlas Copco’s 22-37kW GA oil-injected screw compressor range.

Next-generation VSD offers 60% energy savings and smart, flexible operation. The GA VSDS is the third generation of Atlas Copco variable speed drive (VSD) compressors that significantly reduce energy consumption by adjusting their motor speed to the fluctuations in compressed air demand. 

When Atlas Copco introduced the technology, a first-generation VSD compressor achieved energy savings of up to 35% compared to a fixed-speed compressor. That number increased to 50% with the company’s VSD+ range. Now, the new GA VSDS offers energy savings of 60%.


Together with this unrivalled level of energy efficiency, the GA VSDS also leads the way in sustainability − the guiding principle of its innovative design. For example, the new unit not only comprises the minimal number of components but is the first compressor to feature an IE5 ferrite-assisted synchronous reluctance motor that does not rely on rare earth materials in its operation. 

Smart, solid performance

With Free Air Delivery 21% higher than its fixed-speed counterparts, the VSDS introduces a host of smart features that allow it to adapt and optimise performance to the user’s applications, requirements and conditions. 

The most important example is the Smart Temperature Control (STC) system, which ensures that the compressor operates with an optimal oil temperature at all times, completely eliminating the risk of condensation while ensuring maximum compression efficiency. The GA VSDS also comes with the all-new Boost Flow Mode, which gives customers the freedom to exceed their compressor’s maximum capacity temporarily and safely. 

Small and silent, with sound levels as low as 63dB, the GA 22-37 VSDS does not require a compressor room site. It can be installed on the production floor, occupying the minimum footprint thanks to its vertical, compact design.

Superior connectivity

The GA VSDS concept incorporates industry-leading connectivity features such as the advanced Elektronikon® Touch controller, the EQ2i multiple compressor control (integrated as standard), Smartlink remote monitoring and analysis, and OPC UA integration for connected production environments.

Truly transformative compressor

“The new VSDS offers true sustainable innovation,” says Stef Lievens, vice-president of marketing in the Atlas Copco Industrial Air Division. “As climate change affects us all, Atlas Copco has made sustainable productivity its number-one focus. The GA VSDS set out to meet today’s standards but also those of tomorrow. It’s a truly transformative compressor for a rapidly changing industry.”

A logistics company that trialled the new GA 37 VSDS compressor reports potential reduction of its compressor CO2 emissions by 60 tonnes per year. 

Thanks to the compressor’s intelligent optimising features, VSDS customers can save on investment, service and operational cost by installing a lower kW model and still get all the air they need.

Contact Atlas Copco for more information:

Telephone: 0800 181085



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