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Skylon spaceplane engine completes tests


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Technology could revolutionise the future of air and space travel

Tests have been successfully completed on the key technology for the Sabre engine which will power the reusable Skylon spaceplane, it has been confirmed.

The Sabre is an air-breathing rocket engine which utilises both jet turbine and rocket technology. Its pre-cooler technology is designed to cool the incoming airstream from over 1,000°C to -150°C in less than 1/100th of a second without blocking with frost.

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The engine will enable the aircraft to reach the opposite side of the world in under 4 hours, or to fly directly into orbit and return in a single stage, taking off and landing on a runway.

Skylon is an unpiloted, reusable spaceplane being developed by Reaction Engines Ltd. 

The vehicle's primary aim will be to transport satellites and cargo – providing reliable, responsive and cost effective access to space.


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