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Registration open for the UAS Challenge 2023

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Team members and a judge at the 2022 fly off
Team members and a judge at the 2022 fly off

Register your team before the 28 October deadline and start building your UAS!

The Institution of Mechanical Engineers is delighted to invite university teams from around the world to register for the next exciting season of this aerospace engineering competition.

For full details on how to register and the registration form, visit the UAS Challenge website. The UAS Challenge ruleset for 2023 will be available in the next two weeks.

Led by an enthusiastic organising committee of senior engineers working in the aerospace industry and supported by a dedicated team at the IMechE, this annual student engineering competition tasks university teams around the world to design, build and run an unmanned aerial system (UAS) that can take off, fly missions and land fully autonomously.

Teams are scored on a combination of written technical reports and their UAS’ performance at the live Fly-off event held in June at the BMFA Buckminster airfield, where each aircraft must demonstrate its flight capabilities in missions designed to mimic real-world humanitarian aid missions, including an image recognition task and a full aid package drop with the AirDropBox system.

The competition remains as close to a real-world engineering project as possible, with students developing their engineering knowledge and practical skills when creating their aircraft. In line with the Institution’s aims of supporting the next generation of engineering talent, those who participate leave university with a wealth of experience and soft skills gained outside of a classroom and go on to become highly capable graduate engineers in industry.

The UAS Challenge is grateful for the support of its partners and sponsors Autodesk, Ansys, Babcock International, Leonardo, QinetiQ, RS Grass Roots and Raytheon, and for the ongoing support of AirDropBox, ARPAS-UK, BMFA, Mashoom and Talentview Aviation.

For any further details on the competition, please visit the UAS Challenge website or email the team directly with your questions and on behalf of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers and the organising committee, we look forward to welcoming all teams for the start of the 2023 UAS Challenge.


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