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Quality manager bins 6.8m substandard parts as pandemic disrupts manufacturing

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A worker inspects a part. The quality management provider reworked more than 27m parts to OEM standard in 2020
A worker inspects a part. The quality management provider reworked more than 27m parts to OEM standard in 2020

More than 6.8m ‘substandard’ parts were removed from the manufacturing process by a quality management provider last year, as the pandemic caused huge disruption to normal working practices.

Automotive quality specialist G&P, which operates out of more than 100 of its clients’ manufacturing facilities around the world, also reworked more than 27m parts to OEM standard in 2020 – a 73% increase on the previous four-year average.

The number of substandard parts identified and removed by the UK-headquartered company was a 68% increase over the same period, coming despite the unprecedented slowdown to global manufacturing. The total number of parts checked remained almost level year-on-year.

The firm also supports businesses in the aerospace, marine, rail and defence sectors. New production protocols during the pandemic meant big changes to working practices in 2020.

Chairman Geoff Cousins said: “2020 presented new challenges with a massive disruption to working practices, such as social distancing, travel restrictions, interruptions to supply chains, remote working and different shift patterns, to name a few.

“Under these circumstances it was even more important to maintain robust quality protocols, and G&P, supporting its manufacturing customers around the world, was able to improve the level of service and results, reworking an increased number of parts to OEM standard.”

The quality manager uses a paperless system and software called QTrak, which provides real-time analysis and identification of quality issues. ‘Problematic’ supply sources can then be investigated.

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