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Partners plan 96MW Pembrokeshire floating wind project

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Floating wind is a hugely promising new renewable energy technology (Credit: Principle Power/ Dock 90)
Floating wind is a hugely promising new renewable energy technology (Credit: Principle Power/ Dock 90)

Remotely operated underwater vehicles (ROV) will start surveying the seabed off the Pembrokeshire coast this month, ahead of installation of a planned floating wind farm.

ROV and hydrographic survey specialist Rovco will assess the seabed and underwater conditions at the site 45km off the Welsh coast, as well as along the potential cable routes to shore. The work is part of Blue Gem Wind’s 96MW Erebus project.

Floating wind has huge potential, allowing turbines to operate in windier areas further offshore, with less impact on the landscape.

The Offshore Renewable Energy Catapult recently reported that there could be as much as 50GW of electricity capacity available in the Celtic Sea. It estimated that the first GW of floating wind could potentially deliver over 3,000 jobs and £682m in supply chain opportunities for Wales and Cornwall by 2030.

“We are delighted to have awarded this contract to a very capable UK company local to our project in the Celtic Sea,” said project managing director Hugh Kelly. “We want to ensure the local supply chain is involved as much as possible. It is also positive to see low carbon value creation is continuing during the difficulties of Covid-19.”

Blue Gem Wind is a joint venture between international energy company Total and Irish firm Simply Blue Energy.

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