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Pakistan Student Volunteer Appreciation & Membership Awareness Event October 2021

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The event in collaboration with IMechE Pakistan Group and the Pakistan Petroleum Club, honouring the accomplishments of new IMechE alumni and emphasising the necessity of continuing association with IMechE. Six guest speakers and over sixty members and volunteers from all around Pakistan attended the event.

Beyond the university

As the keynote speech of the event, a one hour workshop was held, dedicated to the fresh graduates and addressed by Chair IMechE Pakistan Power Centre, Dr Mohammad Uneeb CEng FIMechE. He spoke to the audience about current market trends and career opportunities in Engineering. He provided professional guidance on making the right career choice after graduation. He also elaborated on the IMechE membership process, the path to professional registration and its benefits.

He opened the ceremony by briefing about current global progress of IMechE and shared the origin history of IMechE. The keynotes of his speech are outlined as follows:

A fallen tree

The chair Power Centre began the workshop with a metaphorical example of a fallen tree to emphasise on the career development at the right time with right opportunities. When the adequate amount of water isn’t supplied to a tree, it starts to lose its strength; its roots start to grow week and eventually it falls with a slight blow of wind. Likewise, career development nourishes a professional with great company, plenty of knowledge and greater opportunities. This then leads to career growth and development with strong roots for success.

The must haves to build a successful career

After the motivational lesson of a fallen tree, Dr Uneeb proceeded by elaborating on the 4 stages that come after graduation and how to be prepared for them.

1. At the interview 
He explained the hiring criteria for jobs. The first must have is a properly maintained CV. He said, ‘ When you are giving an Interview know that you are not the only one who needs this job but the hiring company also needs you that’s why you are there’.

He explained the 4 E’s and P framework of Jack Welsh; energy, the ability to energise, edge and execution. A person can only be of value to others if he has the integrity, energy to solve difficult tasks and complex problems, strong personality to motivate and inspire others, ample amount of information and grip on tasks to become a ‘can do’ person, ability to start as well as finish the projects assigned to him and last but not least important is the burning passion “P” for his job.

2. Structured career development 

Dr Uneeb emphasized the need to develop the 5 competencies as detailed in the UK-SPEC. Engineers must have adequate knowledge and understanding of their field, the ability to practically implement their knowledge, leadership skills to overcome every challenge. Communication and interpersonal skills are much needed to market the idea and professional conduct to lead a life which benefits the society.

3. Mentoring
Dr Uneeb then sketched the advantages of mentorship, as a mentor guides you to the paths which you are unfamiliar to. He intelligently explained the reason behind the importance of mentorship with this saying, ’ The champ was once a student’.

4. Stewardship
He proposed the need to be in contact with the supervisors to stay informed about any available opportunities.

The programme was followed by a 15-minute Q&A session after the presentation. The questions asked by participants were entertained by the Chair Pakistan Power Centre attentively.

Benefits of Associate Membership

Hafiz M Muddassir, CEng MIMechE (Honorary Secretary, IMechE Pakistan Group) informed the audience about the strategic objectives of the IMechE Pakistan Group's governing and operating bodies, the increase in the number of members since inception, the benefits of IMechE Associate membership, and how to join. He also discussed the group's efforts to engage members, students, and youth. He went on to illustrate the membership profile for 2020-21 and professional development by memberships, as well as briefings on network support and resources.

YM panel presentation

Young Members' former Chair Saad Shabbir shared his experience of working under the umbrella of IMechE and what he had learned from interacting with senior members and executive committees. He emphasized the value of volunteer experience and membership experience. He praised the Young Members Panel's efforts and urged business leaders to support the group. He discussed the main purpose for the IMechE Pakistan Group, which is investing in the engineering community in Pakistan and attempting to enhance the profile of engineers in Pakistan.

Young Members' Chair Elect. Ahsan Raza of the Young Members Panel, shared his useful experiences on bringing attention to the Young Members Panel's efforts and urging industry representatives to believe in the group's young members.

Address of the President Petroleum Club and Chair IMechE Pakistan Group

An encouraging speech for young engineers was delivered by Dr. Saeed Khan Jadoon, the President of the Pakistan Petroleum Club and the Director General of the Pakistan Hydrocarbon Institute. He urged members to make use of IMechE Pakistan Group's volunteer opportunities to improve their soft skills, negotiation skills, writing skills, team management, and team leadership skills. He also stressed upon the need of upholding moral and ethical ideals. He said, ‘Be truthful in your career and humble in front of your employees; without it, no one is worth anything’.

By the end of the event, Hassan Ghayasuddin Ansari, CEng FIMechE (Chair, IMechE Pakistan Group) charted the course for the future, highlighting how increased benefit to Corporate Members will be prioritised, as well as efforts to encourage industry guests to invest in young members. He urged the audience to take advantage from the numerous career developing opportunities provided by IMechE like CPD tools, mentorship, scholarships and many more through associating with IMechE membership.

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Ghulam Muhammad Palli


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