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Neduet Student Chapter Speak Out for Engineering 2020

Muhammad Haashir Absar

Speak Out for Engineering
Speak Out for Engineering

On 20 December 2020, IMechE NED Student Chapter organized titled "Speak Out for Engineering (SOfE)" to help young engineers in developing verbal, presentation and communication skills in explaining engineering related subject.

Taking global crisis of Covid-19 into consideration, this year, SOfE was organized as a virtual event. The main aim of Speak Out for Engineering was to challenge undergraduates to prove that they could communicate effectively.

To evaluate the participant's performance, a selection of proficient, highly qualified and experienced judges were present in the session using their expertise in the field of technology and linguistics, they judged the technical idea and presentation skills of the students.

  • Miss Maheen Tufail – PhD fellow (Applied Linguistics)
  • Mr Zain Shahid – PhD fellow (Energy), M.Engg. (Energy Systems)
  • Miss Asmara Shafqat – PhD fellow (Applied Linguistics)
  • Mr Muhammad Farooq Siddiqui – M.Engg. (Energy Management)

The event was headed by Zahra Ashfaq – Co-lead Team Creativity and Mujtaba Kazmi – Executive member Team Event Management,With a total audience estimated to be over an all-time high of 200, with more than 70 IMechE members.

47 students participated in the competition, proposing their ideas from every discipline of engineering which were able to solve real-world problems. All participants delivered their presentation virtually with a PowerPoint presentation streamed on the platform.

Speak Out for Engineering

Once all the participants had completed their presentations, the judges started the Question & Answer session with the students. Participants were questioned on their ideas, its applications and how can it be implemented on larger scale for the benefit of the society.

After the Question & Answer session, results were announced by the honourable judges with Ghulam Ahmed Bin Saeed being declared the winner of the competition for his idea of "Water purification using activated carbon and sedimentations". Marium Irfan and Muhammad Daniyal Ishtiaq were announced the runner ups for their topics of "5G Wireless Technology" and "Cricket and Technology" respectively.

Speak Out for Engineering

In the end, the judges motivated the audience as well as the participating students, and appreciated IMechE NED Student Chapter for providing the students with a platform for enhancing their skills. Furthermore, they accentuated the importance of events like SOfE in improving the quality of the engineers produced by Pakistan.


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