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Message from the Trustee Board

Trustee Board

It is with regret that we must inform you that the President, Geoff Baker, tendered his resignation on 28 June 2018.  The Trustee Board met earlier today to discuss his resignation and to determine the process to appoint his successor.

The By-laws state that a casual vacancy for President shall be appointed from the Past Presidents (60.2.1).  We will ask all Past Presidents if they wish to be nominated, with the exception of the requisitioners of the Special Meeting (at their request) and the Past Presidents from the preceding five years to avoid any potential conflicts of interest related to recent acquisitions.

It is intended to present a short list of candidates to Council on 1 August.  Council will be asked to vote on behalf of the membership for their preferred candidate.

The Trustee Board is unanimous in thanking Geoff Baker for his vision, leadership and many years of service to the Institution.


Ian Joesbury
Deputy Chair


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