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Institution's response to the gender pay gap in the engineering sector

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Many women leave the sector within a few years of gaining an engineering degree
Many women leave the sector within a few years of gaining an engineering degree

Peter Finegold, Head of Education Policy at the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, said about the gender pay gap in the engineering sector:

“Greater gender balance and diversity are essential for engineering organisations to become the highest performing companies they can be. Not only do businesses require the most talented employees, companies that embrace diverse experiences and points of view, have been shown to improve productivity.

“Although it is rather a blunt instrument, these figures reflect the important issue of under-representation of women in the sector and underscores how common it is that there not enough women in senior positions or lucrative roles.

“The research in our Stay or Go: The experience of female engineers in early career report highlights that within a few years of gaining an engineering degree, just under half of UK female engineering graduates will have left the profession. By contrast, at the same stage, two-thirds of male engineers remain in the sector. To achieve greater parity, employers must make the working environment and culture more conducive for women, so that there is less of a need to support female engineers to adapt and cope with an unaccommodating environment.

“The report commissioned by the Institution’s Equality and Diversity Steering Group, recommends the promotion and adoption of an industry-wide quality mark including pay parity so every company is crystal clear about what constitutes best practice.”

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