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IMechE partners with SheCanEngineer, paving the way for women in engineering

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IMechE links up with newly registered charity SheCanEngineer
IMechE links up with newly registered charity SheCanEngineer

The Institution of Mechanical Engineers is proud to become an official partner of SheCanEngineer, a charity run by IMechE members, Maira Bana and Roshni Wijesekera, alongside other incredible engineers.

The engineering industry faces challenges related to gender diversity so working with an inspiring charity such as SheCanEngineer, we can help to raise awareness, provide resource, and foster a supportive environment for women in engineering.

In the partnership, the Institution has agreed to offer the charity a space to promote their work through workshops, STEM events, and conferences. As a part of this agreement, we will exhibit at their INWED STEM event, taking place on 17 June 2024 at One Birdcage Walk.

Maira Bana, IMechE Construction and Building Services Co-Chair and Committee Chair and Trustee of SheCanEngineer, said;

"The unwavering support and guidance provided by the team at IMechE has been instrumental in laying the foundation for our registration as a charity. This partnership is a crucial step in securing a legacy of diversity and inclusion in engineering. While these steps may sometimes feel small, we hope to see the day when the impact becomes tangible; reflected in statistics. Until then, the team at SheCanEngineer will keep working." 

The non-profit, volunteer-led initiative, was originally set up in 2016 as a way to close the gender gap in engineering industries by showcasing the accomplishments of women engineers, raising awareness around issues related to diversity, equity, and inclusion, and promoting engineering to children.

The vision of SheCanEngineer is “gender parity in the engineering workforce, and we are determined for our outreach to be accessible to all” which aligns with the Institution’s values where we are committed to creating an inclusive culture where all our members and employees know they belong, feel valued, and can thrive. 

Find out more about SheCanEngineer


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