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Hacettepe Racing fly the flag for Turkish Motorsport

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Formula Student are pleased to welcome Hacettepe Racing team as they return to Silverstone for the 2018 competition. Bringing with them several years of experience building cars, this team have been working hard to ensure the reliability of their latest entry and increase the power/weight ratio. Read on for full details!

Please introduce your university and team!

The team was founded in 2015 and attended class 2 in its first year. After we were 3rd in engineering design we built two car and compete in 2016 and 2017. This year, we are building our third internal combustion car named HUR-03.

Our team consists of 35 team members from different departments and different years. We have a six subgroup and their subgroup leaders; frame and suspension, brake and drivetrain, body and aerodynamics, powertrain and calibration, manufacturing and cost analysis, electronics, business presentation, advertisement and communication. Every subgroup has own subgroup leader.

Please briefly summarise your experience of the 2017 competition!

We faced some mechanical problems last year and we worked on till Sunday to pass technical control. So we could only join to endurance and we have finished the race and won the "most cones collected" award. It was a big success for us to have completed the race with our second car in spite of all the problems.

What are your objectives for this year’s competition?

This year we are building our third car with our previous experience. We want to pass scrutineering on first day. Our objective is to get into the top 10. We are working very hard to achieve this goal.

Weaving through the cones in 2017

How close are you to finishing your car?

We plan to launch the vehicle on June 5th. We will have chance to test the vehicle for about 1 month.

How does your team organise your workload?

Subgroup leaders are responsible for their own teams. We meet regularly every week with leaders. At these meetings, we are talking about what we did the week before and what we will do next week. Also, subgroup leaders organise their own meetings for their own subgroups.

What is new and exciting for your team in 2018?

We are planning to integrate a full aerodynamic package and we will use electronic throttle control (ETC), so we can add driver assistant systems like traction control with the aid of the ETC. Our other aim is to increase the power/weight ratio so we use as many composite parts as we can and fully rapid prototyped intake manifold. Also we are still calibrating the engine on the dyno. 

What have been your biggest challenges this year and how have you overcome these?

In 2016, We have transported the car to the circuit with a van from Turkey. Three team members have drive the van 8000 km total.

Last year, as a main sponsor, Turkish Airlines provided transportation of the vehicle and members. We would like to thank all of our sponsors, especially Turkish Airlines.

What made you and your team members join Formula Student?

Formula Student gives us a great opportunity to learn what we can not learn in the class. A student who has worked in a team can graduate in an experienced manner. All members are interested in motorsports and we are excited about the competition. It's not only about academic success or anything else. We have passion for Formula Student.

Hacettepe Racing during judging

What’s your proudest moment at Formula Student?

In our first year, we were third in engineering design and our second vehicle completed the endurance race. These are our best achievements. But we are proud to welcome the newly established turkish teams in our garage and to help them.

What advice would you give for fellow teams?

As a relatively new team we can say they need to keep it simple and pay attention to the organization and the continuity of the team. Read the rules again and again. Communicate with other teams and have fun in the competition. 

How can we keep up to date with you?

You can follow us on social media!

Photos kindly provided by Hacettepe Racing

Catch up with Hacettepe Racing and over 130 teams who will be competing at Silverstone this year - spectator tickets for 13-15 July 2018 are available now via the Silverstone website.


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