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Electromagnetic Mechanical Power Transmission ~ and Braking!

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JBJ Techniques
JBJ Techniques

Electromagnetic clutches and brakes built with a one piece solid forged rotor means no possibility of internal parts separation. The rotors also have an even wall thickness around the coil which results in optimum flux distribution, maximising torque.

Although 12 volts is the most common, 24 volts can also be made available. Depending upon the quantity, other specialty voltages can be made. All models include high temperature, special long life grease which has shown a significant improvement in life over other standard high temperature greases. Where possible, all parts are e-coated to give maximum corrosion protection. To help prevent failure from both vibration and outside contaminants, all coils are sealed in the coil shell with a high temperature epoxy coating. To assist in longer life of both the electromagnetic clutches and brakes, and other components within the driveline, an optional electric soft start control can be added to produce a softer engagement.

Electromagnetic clutches for mobile applications

Forged machined pulley: all models in this section use a heavy duty machined pulley. A stronger pulley resists damage due to abusive environments.
Bi-directional: higher torque units are bi-directional. Lower torque units need to have direction of rotation noted.

Static Torque Range: 78 to 2033 Nm.
Voltage: 12/24
Input: V-belt, Hub (U-joint)
Bore: Straight, Taper, Spline
Weight: 3.18 to 79.83 kg.

PTO Clutch/Brakes

Lead wire or terminal: depending upon model and OEM preference, units can either come with a lead wire, wire protector and terminal, or have a built-in terminal.
Reduced burnishing time: reduced lighter duty units use a coating on the clutch face that significantly reduces burnishing time. Higher torque units come pre-burnished to increase out of box torque.

Heavy duty pulleys: all models use a heavy duty roll formed or machined steel pulley. A stronger pulley resists damage due to abusive environments.

Static Torque Range:  122 to 542 Nm.
Volts/Watts: 12/40 to 12/68
Maximum RPM: 3600
Bore: 1, 11/8, 11/4, 17/16 inches
Output: Hub, Pulley
Ref. Pitch Dia.: 2.75 to 7.72 inches
Weight: 4 to 9 kg.

For further information: www.jbj.co.uk/ogura.html

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