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Congratulations to six IMechE members winning Top 50 Women in Engineering awards

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Top 50 Women in Engineering awards
Top 50 Women in Engineering awards

We are delighted that six incredible members of the Institution have been recognised in this year’s Top 50 Women in Engineering!

Now in its sixth year, the WE50 awards are an annual event organised by the Women’s Engineering Society to celebrate women in the engineering industry. The theme of this year is ‘Engineering Heroes’ – celebrating the everyday ‘heroes’ who dare to be a part of the solution.

Peter Flinn, President of the Institution says,

“The IMechE is proud to have these six extraordinary women represent the Institution not only on a special occasion like today, but also every day.

The theme for this year is ‘Engineering Heroes’ which could not be more fitting after the turbulent year we have all experienced. These six women, alongside the other incredible women recognised, have shown their compassion and drive to resolve problems that have occurred over the past year.

So, join us in celebrating all the women who are recognised today.”

Caitlin MccallCaitlin McCall, Engineering Doctorate Student at Swansea University and icmPrint "I am absolutely honoured to have been chosen by the judges to be in the top 50 alongside all these fantastic women. Engineering plays a huge role in society and these awards are important in recognising the great work that is being done.

Cristiana PaceDr Cristiana Pace, Founder of Enovation Consulting "I am delighted to have been selected for the Top 50 Women in Engineering Awards. This year has been an unprecedented one highlighting many challenges in an ever-changing world.

I hope that each great story behind the recipients of this award will inspire more people from diverse backgrounds to embrace an engineering career and be part of the solution to the many challenges in this ever-changing world."

Debbie JansonDebbie Janson Senior Lecturer at the University of Bath “I went into Mechanical Engineering not really knowing what it was. I thought I’d be able to fix cars and washing machines but it is so much more than that. Engineering is everywhere and in everything we do. The WE50 awards are so important to highlight the broad range of possibilities within Engineering and that we need women to be part of it. Anyone can be an Engineer!”

Helen MeeseDr Helen Meese Founder and CEO of The Care Machine Ltd “I am delighted and humbled to have received this award and be recognised as a top 50 women in engineering for my work during the pandemic. INWED is a wonderful way to celebrate, each year, the immense contribution women make to the world of engineering. I hope I can, through this award, inspire young people to consider a career in this amazing profession.”

Jackie CarpenterJackie Carpenter Director of Friendship Cohousing “I am honoured to receive an "Engineering Hero" award from the Women's Engineering Society (WES) this year. I have been a member of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers and a chartered engineer for over 30 years. I have often supported young people entering the profession who have been striving to make a positive contribution to sustainable engineering, helping people and the planet. I am convinced young engineers have an important role to play; they will become heroes in their turn.”

Dr Suk KinchDr Suk Kinch Senior Design and Development Engineer at Renishaw Neuro Solutions. “I am hugely honoured to be selected for the WE50 award this year. I have always been motivated by the change that engineering solutions can give to drastically improve people’s quality of life. My hope is that these awards help to highlight the positive benefits that engineering can bring to society and in turn encourage people from all genders and backgrounds to consider engineering as a career.”


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