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Are you CEng or IEng? Accelerate your managerial career


Are you CEng or IEng?
Are you CEng or IEng?



Chartered and Incorporated Engineers looking to advance their managerial careers are being offered a streamlined route to achieving professional management accreditation. CEngs and IEngs with five years’ managerial experience can now gain Chartered Manager accreditation in as short as six weeks.

Chartered Manager is the highest professional status that can be achieved in management and leadership. Awarded only by the Chartered Management Institute (CMI), it is recognised throughout all sectors. The new arrangement builds on partnerships already in place between CMI and the Institution of Engineering and Technology and the Institution of Civil Engineers.

The streamlined route is aimed at helping engineering professionals bolster their management credentials and supporting their career development. There are currently over 5,000 Chartered Managers working across all professions. According to research published by CMI in May, 96% of Chartered Managers say that they have used their accreditation as proof of their experience of leading people and managing change, with the same number also using it to showcase to employers their continual learning and growth.

The data shows that Chartered Managers make impressive contributions to their employers, estimated to be worth £391,443 in added value on average. One in five (20%) Chartered Managers link their professional management accreditation with increased pay and bonuses. On average, these Chartered Managers have seen their earnings increase by £8,845 and bonuses by £7,496.

Ian Myson, director of partnerships at CMI, says that engineers and their employers gain from having the professional management accreditation.

“Many engineers are promoted into management because of their expert technical knowledge and skills but lack recognition of their management and leadership capabilities. These new, streamlined routes change that, giving those ‘accidental managers’ a straightforward way to become a Chartered Manager and making it an essential next step in every engineer’s career development.

“Not only will that benefit them personally, but there are huge advantages for employers in having better managers and confident leaders who achieve results. Our research shows that the benefits are too great to ignore.”

To apply and for more information on how Chartered Engineers and Incorporated Engineers can gain Chartered Manager status, visit: www.managers.org.uk/engineers


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