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Advanced Notice: FS2023 key rules updates

Formula Student Team


Following feedback from multiple teams and to help with your design and planning, we are pleased to unveil some of the changes to the rules for FS2023 ahead of the preliminary rules release at the end of October 2022.

This post outlines the confirmed rule changes in the forthcoming release of the 2023 rules. It captures all changes which may impact your vehicle design decisions but does not capture all other wording changes/clarifications or other changes still under discussion.

At the time of publication it does not capture any changes in the recently published FSG rules. These are currently under review and any required changes to ensure vehicle eligibility across both rulesets, other than existing differences (e.g. TSAL requirements), will be made before the formal release of the rules.

In the event of any discrepancies between this document and the released ruleset, the requirements of the released rules will prevail. This document is not a substitute for reading and understanding the full ruleset when released.


  • Maximum total event score brought back to 1000 points from 1020 points.
  • ETC Notice of Intent and ETC Form removed.
  • VSR submission requirement changed from Rolling Chassis to fully assembled Primary Structure. Removed right to appeal/resubmit after the submission deadline.
  • Clarified that a change of powertrain type from CV to EV or CV to AFV may allow a previous year's chassis to be reused. This effectively bans reusing previous years chassis if you’re not changing powertrain type, eliminating any previous ambiguity.
  • Rules updated to allow for multiple people to fulfil the ESO role. Additionally, all ESOs are now required to attend an ESO briefing at the event. Failure to do so will result in that person being unable to take on the role of ESO. At least one ESO must be present during accumulator charging.
  • The ESA must have practical experience, as well as theoretical. The HVD must be disconnected at all times if the vehicle has not passed electrical inspection.
  • The Tractive System can only be active in the EV scrutineering area or one of the ‘Active TS’ zones, as stated in the Team Handbook. General Technical
  • Clarified that scatter shield must be centred on all parts, not just chains and belts.
  • Teams using Frontal Head Restraints (FHR) should adhere to harness guidelines provided by the manufacturer and the FIA. Where these directly contradict Formula Student rules, teams should raise a question on the FSQD for clarification.
  • Added requirement to prove equivalency of alternative methods of attaching the Impact Attenuator to the Anti-Intrusion Plate (I.e., bonded foam attenuators must be proven to be equivalent to the minimum number of bolts specified in the rules).

EV Vehicles

  • 60kW power limit reinstated for 4wd EVs. The limit remains 80kW for 2wd EVs.
  • Clarification that the TSAC, and all materials used inside the TSAC, must be fire retardant.
  • The TSAC must meet a minimum of IPX2. Additionally, all TSACs utilising liquid cooling elements but demonstrate how they have been designed, manufactured, and tested to ensure that cooling liquid cannot leak into the accumulator.
  • Revised wording for APPS / Brake Pedal Plausibility check to allow a 500ms overlap of throttle and brake application.

Static Events

  • Reinstated requirement that Teams will only be eligible for the Design Final if they have passed all elements of scrutineering.

Dynamic Events

  • Clarification that, for the skid-pad event, each team has up to four runs, driven by two drivers with two runs each.
  • Acceleration event run-off reduced to a single run for each team.
  • Clarification on the timings for the endurance driver change – each team will have up to 3 minutes for the driver change, followed by up to 1 minute to restart their car.

Photo by Nothing Ahead.


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