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Sam Angell
Sam Angell

For further details of this year's Cranes seminar, please visit the event website.

Please could you briefly explain your role, involvement, and experience with regards to the Cranes/Lifting industry and this event?

Sam Angell (SA): I am a Technical Consultant at GGR Group, involved in all technical lifting requirements across the business from standard hires through to contract lifts. I also oversee our clients requirements within the Nuclear Industry, specifically at HPC. I still keep my eye in Operating and Supervising from time to time.

What, in your experience, has been the biggest roadblock for the industry this year?

SA: Within the Lifting Industry, there are always a range of challenges, it is a very fluid industry with the work continually developing and different methods of install coming to the table. We look at complex scenarios on a daily basis and pride ourselves on being able to offer solutions within restricted and non-restricted environments.

What key topics are you excited to discuss at this year's conference?

SA: I think it will be a great chance to hear others views on the challenges and solutions they see over the next 12-24 months within the industry. The emerging role of batteries and alternative power solutions will be something to keep an eye on.

Regarding the utilisation of INNOVATION, what would you say are the technologies or applications to watch for the future?

SA: Electric is something that is already here, however, I think the role it plays will become more prominent in the immediate future. Fortunately, we have been ahead of the curve for the last few years with this and also have a couple of R&D Projects in this space that will be fantastic.

Who else are you most interested in hearing from on the programme?

SA: Across the speakers there are some extremely interesting topics, with the key theme of sustainability. This is going to be a huge part of the future within the lifting environment. It will be interesting to hear different views.

Why is it important for engineers to join this conference?

SA: For anyone across the lifting industry, there will be valuable insights throughout the day. These are conversations you certainly want to be at the table for.

The Cranes 2023 seminar will take place on 26 September 2023 in London

Join us at the Institution's London Headquarters in September to understand how engineers are driving innovation across lifting operations, whilst addressing the challenges of maintaining safety and reducing the overall risk. Presentations will cover examples a wide variety of projects and industries, together with technical insights and industry best practice to reduce the risk of incidents, maintain compliance with standards and make the most of new and novel technologies.

For further details of this year's Cranes seminar, please visit the event website.


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